Children's Magic Classes

Triumph and Success are Real Magic

When a child performs a magic trick, no matter how simple or complicated, the words “How did you do that?” all have the same impact. They feel empowered and triumphant. Not only that, they can now claim a skill that few others possess. That in itself gives them a feeling of success and great pride.

Some children will retain their love of magic forever, for others it may just be temporary, but for all, the boost of self-esteem they gain will last a lifetime.

Learning Magic

is not only fun, but it also builds self esteem, self confidence, dexterity and also helps with memory retention.

 Children learn quickly and are always anxious to show off their new skills.

Children's Magic Classes

Are ideal for:

Ages 7 and up

*Birthday Parties *Camps *Scouts *After School Programs *Family Gatherings *Corporate Events

*Additional fees per child for materials
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Victoria Skye    404-388-0489
Victoria Skye    404-388-0489