Magic of Victoria Skye


I am a children's and family magician and balloon twister in Atlanta, Georgia.

I believe in creating magic by bringing happiness to others and teaching children that they can achieve the impossible. 

I believe real magic is in a child's smile, in their laughter and in their triumphant recognition when they succeed.

In my magic shows, there is a variety of magic, illusions and comedy to suit all ages.  I am sensitive to special needs and I make sure everyone is included and no one feels different.  I can communicate in sign language and can also perform shows for the deaf.

Along with magic, I also create optical illusions and impossible objects using art, science and math.

I include some of my award winning original illusions to trick the eye and the mind in my shows as well as in my math and science demonstrations.

Many of my optical illusions and impossible objects are published in magic, math, science and puzzle articles, magazines and books.

Silly fun with magic rainbows and Skittles candy

Magic and Illusions! 

My family and children's magic shows

are full of whimsy, magic, laughter and are tons of fun! The children are the stars of the show and by the end of the show they have had had a blast and the experience of a lifetime!

Magical Production of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

We all possess the magic and power to 
achieve the impossible. 

Yes, that is my ring!!

Victoria's Magic is perfect for:

*Birthdays  *Family Events  
*Church Programs 
*School Events *Preschool Events 
*Scout Programs 
*Subdivision Events  *Summer Camp
*Corporate Events *Weddings 
           Call or email to ask any questions and to book your next magic show for your party, 
                                       youth event, church, school or corporate event.
Victoria Skye    404-388-0489      vicskye@yahoo.com
  Victoria Skye   404-388-0489   vicskye@yahoo.com