Optical Illusions

A special kind of magic.

They intrigue, puzzle, mystify and deceive.

When we experience an illusion, our brain is immediately challenged to make sense of it. Our brains are easily tricked because it is not aware it is taking in an illusion. It is calculating everything based on past references and making assumptions the same history and principles still apply.

It is a matter of survival.

I have been studying the psychology used in magic as well as the fun and puzzling deception used in optical illusions that are designed to fully trick your brain.

Victoria Skye Illusion Art Publications

Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Illusion published in the Scientific American Mind Magazine May/June 2011


Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Optical Illusion Mentioned in Magic Blog


Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Illusion mentioned on James Randi’s website


Acknowledged in the book “Sleights of Mind” for expertise in children’s magic.


Acknowledged in Scientific American Mind Magazine July/August 2012 for Starbucks coffee cup sleeve Jastrow illusion contribution.


The Optical Illusion Artwork and Impossible Objects on this page and in this site are my originals. They are a small part of my collection.  If you wish to purchase them or duplicate them, use them in any manner, or have any questions about them, please feel free to contact me. 

 Victoria Skye    404-388-0489