Optical Illusions and Impossible Objects

"Impossible Arrow" 
  Solid pine arrow through 
Solid "Bee" deck of playing cards

Impossible? Not if you..........
"Believe in the Impossible"

Victoria Skye'sPublications and Awards

Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Illusion published in the Scientific American Mind Magazine May/June 2011


Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Optical Illusion Mentioned in Magic Blog


Victoria Skye Original Face/Vase Illusion mentioned on James Randi’s website


Acknowledged in the book “Sleights of Mind” for expertise in children’s magic.


Acknowledged in Scientific American Mind Magazine July/August 2012 for Starbucks coffee cup sleeve Jastrow illusion contribution.


   The Optical Illusion Artwork and Impossible Objects in this website are my originals and copyrighted 
   work and represent a small part of my collection.  
   Do not copy or download any artwork without my permission.

   My impossible objects and optical illusions can be purchased or published with the permission of 
   Victoria Skye only. 

Victoria Skye    404-388-0489     vicskye@yahoo.com